If you purchase a book directly from my website, I may receive a commission from an affiliate website. Below, I outline personal best practices for book buying. Additionally, I have included any affiliate programs I subscribe to.

Thoughtful Purchase of Books

We all have different preferences and different budgets when it comes to purchasing books. Here is my recommended order for purchasing books:

If an indie or self-published author has the option to purchase a book from their website, I recommend buying it there as they may earn a higher share.

Shop at your local or black-owned independent bookstores to help keep them thriving. Many may have online storefronts if you can’t shop in-person.

Purchase books from my affiliate links to help support my reading addiction and to fund my personal self-publishing goals.

If you’re short on cash, purchase from other big-name, online bookstores.

Current Affiliates



Bookshop is a benefit corporation with a mission to “financially support local, independent bookstores.” This is how their affiliate program works:

  • 10% of sales provided to affiliate
  • 10% of sales provided to independent bookstores
  • ~50% of sales provided to publishers (industry standard is 55-60% discount off cover price)
  • ~20-30% of sales used for customer discounts, payment processing, and fulfillment of orders

Independent bookstores can also set up their own bookshop account; books purchased directly from their bookshop receive 30% of sales.

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