Book Submission Policy

Book Submission Policy

Please read all instructions before sending submission. Submissions are accepted at Not following the instructions below will result in your book not being read.

Submission =/= Review
Submissions are not a guarantee of a review. I run this website individually and there is a limit to how many reviews I can do each month. Additionally, some books result in a DNF. Reasons for a DNF may include:

  • Book diverts too far from the speculative genre.
  • Book does not showcase diversity in the speculative genre.
  • Book is not well-edited or well-formatted.
  • I do not have enough time to read or review. This may result in a later book review when I have a lesser read-load.
  • The book just wasn’t a good fit for me personally

I may send a response if I am unable to read a submission.

Self-Published Creators
I like to showcase independent and self-published books. However, do not send self-published books if you did not hire an editor. I expect the cover and formatting to reflect professional-level standards. I prefer to write reviews that promote the creators; sending books that are not at a professional level will result in a DNF. Additionally, you will not be able to submit another book, even if it’s a different novel, for six months.

Accepted Book Genres
For the purpose of reviews, I accept books and graphic novels in the speculative genre. This includes:

  • Adult, YA, and Middle Grade Science Fiction
  • Adult, YA, and Middle Grade Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy
  • Manga or Graphic Novels in the above mentioned genres
  • SFF Short Story Collections
  • Non-Fiction or Essay Collections surrounding diversity in speculative fiction

Authors do not need to be Black or other persons of color to submit a book. However, my blog focuses on cultural diversity in the speculative genre. As a result, books chosen for review will celebrate stories told from views beyond the dominant culture with an emphasis in uplifting culturally-diverse authors.

If you send a book in the middle of the series, you must include the book(s) leading up to that novel.

Plan Ahead For Pre-Releases
If you are submitting a book ahead of a release date, please include a preferred date for publishing the review. I try to accommodate these requests to help with marketing pushes. But please plan ahead and allow for three months before publishing date to send the review request. This will also allow time to schedule for cover reveals, book tours, or giveaways if this is something the author is interested in participating in.

Book Review Format
I employ a variety of formats when reviewing books. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual book reviews
  • Book lists
  • Video reviews
  • Social media reviews

Book promotions and reviews can be found on a variety of book review and social media sites. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cassandra Sojourn website
  • GoodReads
  • Amazon
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Unless required by an outside site, I do NOT employ star ratings. I believe even with explanations, readers place their own preconceived notion of what each rating means.

How to Submit

Status: I am currently taking submissions from all speculative genres.

If you wish to submit a book for review, please send the following items to:
Subject Line: {Book Title}{Release Date}

Include the following information in your email:

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Date Published or Release Date
  • Preferred Date for Book Review Publication (used for pre-release)
  • Back Cover or Book Synopsis

For pre-released books, answer the following questions:

  • Do you have a book cover reveal you want me to share on social media before book release? If so, what date or time frame do you wish for this to happen
  • Would you like me to participate in your book’s blog tour? If so, what is your preferred dates?

Attach the following items:

  • Media of Cover Art
  • Mobi or ePub Book

If you prefer, send a link to download your book. Please no PDFs. Some exceptions can be made for well-formatted graphic novels.

Mailed books are appreciated and can result in further features on social media where visual appreciation is key. Please indicate if you wish to mail an ARC or review copy book and I will send you the address to forward.

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